Membership & Subscription Rates & Forms

The Abbeylara membership year runs from  to Jan 2014. Subscriptions due fall on end of Feb 2014.

Membership for 2014 can now be paid to Kevin Murphy, Carra, at your convenience. Thank you.

The Rates of Annual Subscription for 2014 are as follows:

Adult ~ Playing                               €50
Adult ~ Non-Playing                        €25
Adult Couples ~ Non Playing          €40
Student ~ Playing                          €35
Student ~ Non-Playing                   €25
Retired ~ Over 65                          €10

Registration 2014

Team Managers/Mentors will be supplied with Pre-filled forms / Invoices for 2013 in advance of Registration Days.

Membership Forms 2014

The Annual Subscription is used to contribute towards services and activities on and off the field including:

  • Playing equipment/attire (Jerseys, Footballs, Sliothers, Nets)
  • Hire of Training facilities (esp in winter months)
  • Affiliation Fees to National Governing bodies
  • Competition Entry Fees
  • Player & Officials Injury Scheme
  • Public & Property Liability Insurance
  • Council Charges
  • Building Repairs and Maintenance
  • Professional Services
  • Utility Bills
  • Referees Fees
  • Team Travel & Refreshments
  • Medals and Trophies (lots hopefully)
  • Administrative costs

Subscriptions alone do not cover the full costs, we also rely on members, sponsors and supporters engaging in fundraising to make up the difference.

Why Become a Member?
Only paid-up Members are permitted to be involved in the “management” of teams – basically any activity that involves supervising or taking charge of player activity including training, matches, away trips and social events. Parents and supporters who are not members are, of course, welcome and depended upon to assist club activities by giving lifts, doing “the wash”, accompanying players on away trips etc. but this must always be under the direction of an appointed Abbeylara official.

See also Player Injury Scheme (Link to Player Injury Scheme)
Only fully paid-up members are entitled to use any of the clubs facilities, represent the club in any capacity (e.g. Board Delegate, team mentor, referee etc.) or participate in the decision making processes within the club (e.g. as a member of the Coiste, Sub-Committees or at the Annual General Meeting). Full details of the rights and duties of members are set out in the club’s Constitution.

The payment of Annual Subscriptions by anyone who is not already a member of the club will be accepted and treated as a donation – pending their Application (see forms above) for Membership being processed. In the event of admission as a Member, sums previously donated will be credited against any Annual Subscription due.